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Food IT-Solutions introduction

Food IT-Solutions is a software company specialized in automation of administrative, logistical and production related business processes. Our clients are production and distribution companies operating in the food industry. Our focus is on solid tracing systems and integration with processes on the work floor. Food IT-Solutions is a very important player in this field, operating all over Europe and abroad.

This is why Food IT-Solutions designed and developed the product IC-trace, complete and integrated software for logistics, automation and traceability in food companies.

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How things developed

Food IT-Solutions was established in 1988 and was known as CAB Software NV at the time, and quickly grew into a dynamic and innovative SME company. Since 2004, Food IT has been operating from new offices with adjoining training centre at the Antwerpsesteenweg in Lier, which is just a 30-minute drive from Antwerp or Brussels.

Food IT-Solutions Products


The main product from Food IT-Solutions is IC-trace. The product is a total solution to cover all your needs through a very modern and stable application. You can track and control the entire supply, production and distribution process. Food IT-Solutions also sells the hardware needed for IC-trace, but it is also hardware independent.

Discover all of Food IT-Solution’s products via the dedicated IC-trace website.

References and Recommendations

Meanwhile, Food IT-Solutions has assisted many companies with internal business processes. This is why we can boast quite an impressive list of references. Or better yet: we enquired with our customers to see how satisfied they were with IC-trace. See for yourself what they have to say!


If you wish to receive more information, you can contact us personally. We're excellent advisors and offer great support. You can contact us through our contact page on the IC-trace website.