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References & Recommendations

Meanwhile, Food IT-Solutions has assisted many companies with their internal business processes. This is why we can boast quite an impressive list of references. Or better yet: we enquired with our customers to see how satisfied they were with IC-trace. See for yourself what they have to say!

IC-trace was born in our company

As if it were yesterday, Ludo Mortelmans still remembers how he got to know Willy Goossens as a beginning ICT specialist at a trade fair in Antwerp. The two got talking and discovered that they could help each other. "I had been looking for a while for a solution to automate some of my business activities. We’d had a few rather unpleasant experiences and particularly my staff was somewhat doubtful about automation. I did not want a program forced on me, but I was rather looking for a customized solution, which could coincide with our specific way of working. That is how the first abattoir program was born, and later adjusted and refined. Today our administration and customer accounting runs on IC-trace and we are very satisfied. And so is my staff!"

Ludo Mortelmans, Public abattoir Heist o/d Berg
I have recommended IC-trace to my colleagues

Since the dioxin crisis in 1999, monitoring of government agencies has become increasingly strict. Since then, traceability for meat and other food products is mandatory. Inspections are unannounced and very strict. That is why the abattoir in Ronse chose IC-trace. "Four years ago we implemented IC-trace and since then we have expanded the basic package. The system follows every movement and handling of each batch and each piece of meat; from the moment a cow enters the abattoir alive until it leaves as a consumable steak. One of the great advantages is that each piece of meat is assigned a unique barcode, thus guaranteeing traceability. As if all these efforts are not enough, we also are treated to unannounced inspections. During inspections, they even take DNA samples, which are then compared to the slaughtered animal’s ear tag. In the past, follow-up was done manually, but with today’s strict inspections this has become impossible. IC-trace excellently follows up on everything and that is very reassuring to us. The remarkable thing about IC-trace is its unique coding system. Yes, I have already advised colleagues to choose IC-trace."

Steven Vander Stichelen, Meat trader and Abattoir Ronse NV
Very reassuring!

"At abattoir and wholesaler Tampere we have been working with IC-trace since 2004. Before that, all labelling and registration was done manually. My wife used to be in charge of that, but with increasingly strict legislation it eventually became almost impossible to keep track of everything manually. It also costs loads of money to do this all by hand. The arrival of IC-trace was quite a relief for our company. A lot of administrative work was taken away and also the risk of errors was considerably reduced.

The software actually follows the entire process; from the moment that a live cow enters, is slaughtered and cut up until it leaves our company as a piece of meat or as a batch. Errors are practically out of the question, unless a person enters incorrect data of course. I know most of my colleagues also work with IC-trace. It is more or less a standard in our branch. And yes, we are satisfied. The software does what it should do and does so accurately. It is a pity that the government is so demanding. Because we have to invest in such systems and these systems cost money! And we get nothing in return. Traceability only costs money; we don’t earn anything by using it. But that is how it is. In the end we are satisfied though with this solution. It puts your mind to rest, we meet legislative rules and after all it saves us from quite a lot of work!"