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How do we help our clients?

Food IT-Solutions doesn’t set out to offer standard products or services, but rather specific, tailor-made solutions. We reword client-specific needs into current standards and best practices used throughout the industry. We then introduce the most efficient solutions which are the perfect customised fit with our client’s requirements. 

Continuous improvements 

Our ambition: to offer fully integrated and automated solutions that optimise processes in the food industry, safeguarding the future of food manufacturers. We continuously look out for solutions that solve issues of almost any kind: 

  • Anticipating new trends;
  • Providing product traceability data to the consumer;
  • Measuring efficient use of trucks;
  • Decreasing paper consumption by implementing electronic communication;
  • Increasing data quality by reducing faults and improved processes;
  • Mapping the carbon footprint of products; 
  • Introduction of mobile applications;
  • Implementing BI reporting;
  • ...

How do we make your life easier? 

When developing solutions, we always start from the same principles: 

  • Help our clients to excel in automation and traceability, which is why we configure IC-trace as a totally customised solution. The different modules make sure all your needs are met. 
  • Adopt an attitude of vigilance, also when it comes to our own work. 
  • Act as a reliable and flexible partner who will turn your entire business processes (back-office as well as operations) into a well-oiled machine, from reception of goods to production and distribution.
  • Develop an all-in-one solution, ready for use by everyone in your business and as such minimising the chance of mistakes and the number of repetitive tasks 
  • Enable Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) between clients, suppliers and other stakeholders.
  • Implement a uniform quality management system for traceability and labelling, with guaranteed compliance with European regulations and specific quality certificates (IFS, BRC, …) 
  • Contribute to strategic decision making via a Business Intelligence tool. The dashboard provides clear and current data at any time, as well as solid analyses.
  • Simplify sales and delivery activities by introducing mobile apps.
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