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Vision - Mission - Values

Our vision

Food IT-Solutions equals automation without worries, as well as traceability and data management from A to Z. Those details are important, since today’s consumer wants to know what they eat; not just the number of calories or types of allergens, but also the origin of products and the process leading up to that food ending on their plate. The producer of course wants to produce, in a cost efficient, qualitative and safe way.

Our mission

Our mission is simple: IC-trace! We want to continue to develop our own innovative software, in such a way that our food industry clients’ operations become more simple. Our goal: unburdening our clients.

By seamlessly integrating our smart and customised software in a flexible way in our clients’ production processes, we want to offer maximum support for their unique operations.

In doing so, we endeavour to know the full history of foodstuffs and make this transparent.


IT all begins with people / Structure - Culture - Ambition - Innovation

People are the driving force behind the growth of our organisation and software. Our horizontal organizational structure enables our employees to actively contribute to our ambitious round table culture and to work together towards a common goal. The work ethic of both our team and clients challenge us to stay on the ball and be innovative in the way we expand our IC-trace software.

We see software differently / Listen - Learn - Improve - Guarantee

We wholeheartedly subscribe to the unique story of our clients. By turning obstacles into creativity boosters (learn, improve and guarantee) and by listening to different experiences. That is how immense perspective opens up.

If we accept, we work out / Flexible – Service oriented – With integrity - Transparent

We are flexible and have an entrepreneurial mindset. We go the extra mile for our clients and their needs. At all times do we have to be able to look ourselves in the eye. We don’t just deliver excellent service and solutions, but will always put integrity and transparency first when it comes to people and software. Production always leaves a trace, so let’s make sure we can trace every little step of the process.

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