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Quality Assurance and Quality Control

As a food producer, you are obliged to continually guarantee quality compliance, during production and all the way through to delivering the end product. IC-trace manages and automates your in-house quality indicators in order to follow-up these specific requirements in real time.

Risk Management

Quality compliance can be integrated within the production management module. This feature allows the operator to for instance take samples and register the outcomes during an activity or process. There are plenty of options, for example setting conditions linked to measurement outcomes. In case a certain result does not comply with these conditions, a process can be blocked until the quality standards are being met.

All this enables a quality control agent to, whilst using a tablet or PDA, evaluate, follow-up and execute all necessary checks for ongoing and planned runs. That way, production is monitored and quality and food safety are safeguarded.

The IC-trace quality control tool includes all best practices and is a handy support during inspections, audits etc.

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