Reception of goods

Receiving raw materials, packaging, end products 

Raw materials or semi-finished products always are the starting point of the production and processing process. Receiving all these goods, which are numerous, is the start of internal traceability.

IC-trace executes the reception procedure of delivered goods and will provide registration in accordance with regulations. We can even incorporate integrated quality control

Gather and analyse reliable data 

The shop floor program to receive goods helps operators to receive any kind of food related product or primary packaging material in a simple, quick and accurate way. It boasts a number of powerful and user-friendly program modules to weigh and label products, when required.

Depending on the settings linked to a certain product, the program will gather all required or relevant information. It will then automatically update the incoming goods register and inventory levels, a must for reliable traceability. 

Automatic reception 

When the bulk of the data has to be entered manually, the goods reception procedure can become very time consuming. To avoid this, automatic procedures can be implemented.

The InterCompany (IC) traceability feature of IC-trace offers this possibility by default. All information of each product is automatically transferred from the sender (supplier) to the receiver (customer). Is your supplier using less performant systems? We will set up a specific solution for data exchange.


Abattoirs have to comply with specific regulations when receiving animals for slaughter. In some countries, data might need to be exchanged with the official bodies, during approval phase preceding the actual slaughter. IC-trace contains all necessary procedures to ensure smooth progress and supports all formalities for the domestic and international abattoirs.

It is important to note that the IC-trace solution allows you to work undisturbed, even when the system of the official parties is not available.

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