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Food IT-Solutions opts for transparent customer communication

Food IT-Solutions wants an efficient follow-up of all questions. We have taken the following points into account:

  • We want to help customers more efficiently and inform them about the status of their question
  • We want to gain a better understanding of the customer questions
  • We want to manage all communications in one location
  • We want to offer our customers the possibility to find answers to their questions themselves

From today all our customers can use this user-friendly ticket system.

What are the benefits for our customers?

  • Smooth registration and follow-up of reports
  • Possibility of adding photos, print screens, ...
  • An overview of the status of the communication
  • An overview of all questions with multiple people
  • Tickets are always updated based on the latest information received
  • Questions are not lost
  • Paving the way between dozens of emails
  • Time saving

How does the ticket system works?

The customers e-mail address is linked to a customer account. Emails that are send from an email address that is not known to us is not linked to the customer account, the emails are therefore not visible in the ticket system.

On their own portal, customers can create tickets, check the ticket status and read all correspondence. Each ticket is linked to a specific question and is assigned to the correct team member who will ensure that the question will be treated.

We are confident that this tool further supports us in serving you more efficiently.

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