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About us

Willy Goossens

Willy Goossens is a valued and talented business leader with a clear vision on food process automation and traceability. 

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A brand with history 

After a few years with a large international software company, Willy Goossens founded his first company in 1988. The focus back then was to offer SMEs IT support, hence the name 'Computer AdviesBureau voor KMO'. Over the years the markets evolved, requiring a narrower market focus, which led Goossens’ company to become a prominent supplier to the meat industry. 

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How do we help our clients? 

Food IT-Solutions doesn’t start from products or services, but from what the client asks. Therefore, we will always, as a first step, analyse their corporate requirements. Only then will we commence to develop customised answers. 

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Vision - Mission - Values

Food IT-Solutions equals carefree automation, traceability and data management from A to Z. Our mission simply is IC-trace.

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