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Consumers rely on the quality and safety of the meat they buy and eat. Meat producers make it possible with Tracking & Tracing systems to track and trace a product through the entire production process and in further distribution.

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The increase in meat consumption, the focus on vegetable proteins, the story about meat substitutes and much more.

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Belgian meat producers work flexibly in all phases of the process: slaughter, finishing and packaging. They are known for their custom service.

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The Corona of Covid-19 virus and the far-reaching measures taken by the government not only affect our society, but also the employment of our employees.

To limit the risk of contamination, we are forced to adjust our internal operations where possible.

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Customer service is no longer just responding to e-mails, phone calls and live chat. Centralizing communications is an absolute necessity to give our customers the service they deserve.

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On February 17th, professor Graham (university of Alberta, Agricultural, Food and Nutritional Sciences - AFNS), also the CDO of Alpha Phenomics, came over for a 3 day visit to Belgium.

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In December 2019, Alpha Phenomics welcomed Andrea Biondi, CEO of Biondi Engineering, and Willy Goossens, CEO of Food IT-Solutions, to experience all that Alberta has to offer and to meet several collaborators in both Calgary and Edmonton.

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Proudly we would like to present our engagement in Alpha Phenomics. An Alberta (Canada) based company whose single focus is to improve the efficiency of animal protein production.

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How can you find which spices have been used in any final product? Raw materials and product flows are more complex and the number of product variants increases. How do you deal with it as a food processing company?

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