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The strength of the Belgian meat industry

Tradition and expertise as a starting point

Traditionally, the meat industry plays an important economic role. After all, we have know-how that goes back for centuries. The family nature of these companies involves a cross-fertilization of professionalism of family members of the second, third and even fourth generation.

Slaughtering, boning and cutting fresh meat or making meat preparations, using the best raw materials is a typical Belgian specialization, for which we are internationally recognized.

Flexibility and custom service

The customer comes first, that's clear. The entire organization is based on this.

Delivering quality products on time and being able to offer last-minute orders and endless variations as agreed, they make a difference, but they go even further.

Does the customer still want a specific product, adapted packaging, or a personalized label? No problem, our meat producers are also among the absolute top!


Belgium is a forerunner in terms of food safety and controls. The Belgian meat suppliers meet the strictest European quality standards, supply fresh and high-yield meat, which also makes them very attractive for export.

To meet this demand and many others, they focus intensively and purposefully on an organized production process.

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