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National and international visions of the meat industry of the future

According to the institute for nutritional research, meat continues to dominate

The consumption of meat will increase worldwide, even though it seems that everyone today is talking about eating less meat.

The focus on vegetable proteins is increasing, especially among young people. But on the other hand, many new fast food chains will also be added in the coming years.

The story about meat substitutes receives a lot of attention in the press, but is contradictory to the current reality.

According to GAIA, meat is evolving into cultured meat

GAIA (Global Action in the Interest of Animals) recognizes the increase in meat consumption, but is convinced of a shift from conventional meat to cultured meat.

GAIA also foresees that we will eat better meat, from animals that are grown in better conditions.

Finally, GAIA is also convinced that our diet will become more plant-based, whether or not in the form of meat substitutes.

The European Commission expects an increase in meat production

The European Commission expects an increase in meat production due to the increase in the population and the increase in prosperity.

The Federal Food Agency has four scenarios

The Global Food scenario assumes that global trade will increase further.

In the Regional Food scenario, major international trade agreements will disappear due to greater self-sufficiency and circular economy.

The Partnership Food scenario envisages that Europe will enter into partnerships with, for example, the US or Canada.

The Pharma Food scenario provides a focus on a healthy lifestyle. Due to climate change, fresh products are scarce and people mainly eat functional and processed products and food enriched with pharmaceutical additives.

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