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IT infrastructure

Advice, sales, installation and maintenance

Thanks to our years of expertise, we can offer you a complete IT infrastructure that fits the size of your operations and that is tailored to your workforce.

We will always go for solid solutions that have proven their reliability and safety. Examples of components that can be part of this IT infrastructure: complete station equipment, servers, back-up, UPS systems, virtual models, network management, security, industrial and office hardware…

Industrial peripheral equipment

PCs for demanding environments

Hygiene is a top priority in environments in which food is processed, hence why we always look for hardware that can be used in such specific context.

High tech computers in stainless steel have a completely sealed housing, are water resistant, resist to cold temperatures, can be cleaned with pressure cleaners, can withstand disinfectants, etc.

User-friendly keyboards

Depending on requirements, context and/or budget, any type of keyboard can be used.

A touch keyboard is a keyboard integrated in a touch screen, which can be useful in all kinds of situations:

  • Limited available space;
  • Limited budget;
  • Sizeable touch screen;
  • Hygiene requirements;
  • Special configuration linked to the application;
  • ...

An industrial keyboard is a keyboard that offers a certain level of resistance. Main characteristics of a good industrial keyboard are:

  • The keys are protected with a seamless protection layer;
  • Integrated touchpad (replacing the mouse);
  • Compact in size;
  • Integrated RFID solutions;
  • ...

Printers, barcode and document scanners

IC-trace supports all kinds of equipment for printing and scanning product labels (laser printers, label printers…). The IC-trace label design tool even allows the user to design their labels themselves.

The scanning systems reduce manual work and guarantee the traceability of your products. Investing in scanning equipment pays off when it comes to improve results in reception of raw materials, production follow-up of semi-finished and finished products, inventory management, distribution, …

Industrial sockets

Electric shocks, shortcuts, transients, … can cause serious damage to your infrastructure. In extreme circumstances (moist, cold, heat, dust…) it is advisable to also protect network connections. We advise you to use IP67 sockets as well as special network cables for correct use.

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