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Your business is unique. That is why the implementation of our IC-trace requires a unique and professional approach, customised to fit the needs of your organisation.

The key to successful implementation? Solid preparation and plenty of involvement from the main users and management within the organisation.

Pilot phase

The advice report (audit) and agreed requirements (design phase and scope) outline the business processes and goals. A realistic planning helps us manage deliverables and progress.

No data, no information. Implementing new software requires data migration, which means as much as: entering existing data into IC-trace. Once data migration is completed successfully, the test environment is installed and parameters set.

One of the important aspects during implementation of IC-trace is in fact enthusing users, winning them over. That is why we plan sufficient time with all stakeholders to go over the changes that come with IC-trace. Their input and feedback are invaluable.

Before the final go, every process is tested on its own and integrated, to check for possible issues or anomalies.


Key users of IC-trace will receive personal training per module. During these sessions, our implementation manager will share useful tips and tricks as well as address specific questions. Manuals will also be handed out.

By the way, these training sessions are no one-off event. A new employee? Need for a refresher course? Upon request we provide all necessary support, on site or in our training centre.


Every change demands effort. What went well? What stopped us? Are there any insights or wishes? It is ever so important to go over the results, to provide feedback and to report. Centralising and analysing this kind of information also is a focus point to us.

What happens when extra wishes or adjustments to prior defined goals emerge? In such case we will assess how big or small the impact is on the project and what the timing will be. Preferably we park these changes until we have moved to the optimisation phase; that way, we avoid that the planning of the project will overrun.

Continuous optimisation

We are live, so now what? We advise to always appoint a SPOC (Single Point of Contact), who will be responsible to bundle all questions that rise within a team or the organisation and hand these over to the Food-IT Solutions project manager, who will go over your questions, action points and suggestions in order to analyse optimisation options.

Your feedback will be used to continuously improve IC-trace. All updates and/or changes in a new IC-trace update will be available via the IC-trace platform.

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