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IC-trace is an all-in-one software solution for the food industry. It is an integrated solution to manage, automate and trace each aspect of the workflow, from reception of goods, to warehousing, production and distribution.

Industry-specific know-how and knowledge

The IC-trace software is the result of 30 years of know-how from specialists and users in different food processing companies as well as the trading business. IT-trace is a high-tech modular software application that is practical for and relevant to large and small companies alike.

Customisable for use in other industries

Industry-specific functionalities are easy to integrate. That way, IC-trace is a perfect solution for typical issues in your everyday life, such as using storage silos, integrating specialised registration equipment, inventory management in abattoirs… What is more, IC-trace is not hardware specific.


Our clients decide themselves how far they want to go in automating their processes, having a choice of a large number of modules, from a simple task such as administration only to complete production management based on recipes, production schemes, capacity planning…

Endless possibilities

We want to offer an all-in-one, integrated and complete solution to our clients and software users. This entails we continuously fine-tune our software to fit our clients’ requirements and their specific needs or wishes.

Not just the selection of options will be defined, also the menu content and the interfaces can be customised per group of users or even per single user. No more cramped screens; you can even use your own reporting, translations and terminology.

Chain traceability and data quality

EDI and the integrated chain traceability features make sure that any incorrect tracing and identification of products upon reception is ruled out.

Thanks to the unique product identification, any double, unwanted registrations are impossible throughout the entire process, ensuring correct inventory management and 100% traceability compliance.

International roll-out

When developing IC-trace, we kept the scope on an international scale, which now results in unlimited possibilities regarding language, units, equipment, configurations, lay-out, integrated communication channels etc.

For implementations in our home market in Belgium we mainly deploy our own people. Outside of our domestic market, we use carefully selected partners. This enables us to implement country-specific functionalities that are compliant with local regulations and legislation.


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